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Dominican Republic


Now PRSD Logistics, is making it services available for the people of the Dominican Republic. For more information please contact us at dominicanrep@prsd.com or call us (787) 890-0131...


Our varied logistics services include:


  • Contract Warehousing

  • LTL Trucking

  • Freight Forwarding

  • Contract Carriage

  • Transportation Management

  • Facilities Management

  • Break-Bulk Distribution

  • Light Assembly

  • Logistics Consulting

  • Inventory Contro


Storage Solutions


At Puerto Rico Storage and Distribution, Inc., we know how important it is to store your materials in an environment you can trust. That's why we maintain an aggressive pest control and sanitation program. So whether you are storing sensitive electronic components, raw material, or finished goods, you can be certain your shipment remains intact and unharmed.



Puerto Rico Storage & Distribution, Inc.’s warehousing capabilities include:
  • 147,500 square feet of dry, high-cube warehousing

  • 20,000 square feet of Cool Storage space

  • Trans-loading operations specializing in the transfer of materials from our warehouse to your facilities

  • Computerized inventory services

  • Pest, humidity and dust control


Why Outsource:


Did You Know:
That by outsourcing some or all of your logistics needs to an expert you can:

  • Decrease your operating costs

  • Decrease your staffing costs

  • Invest more money in your core competency

  • Eliminate several labor concerns including unions, skilled labor and training

  • Maintain flexibility within your organization to more effectively manage future demands

  • Experience a higher level of personnel productivity

  • Improve customer satisfaction rates


Why Outsource Your Logistics Needs to a Logistics Expert?

What’s your company’s expertise? It probably doesn’t involve logistics. But if you manufacture a product, you have to find a way to get that product down the supply chain to your customers, and chances are you’ve taken on the logistics responsibilities yourself.

This means that your business has dedicated a large amount of its work force, attention, and capital away from your expertise into a cost of running your business, handling your logistics needs. But in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, more and more manufacturers are realizing that by focusing on their core competency-their expertise, and leaving the supply chain logistics to an expert in that field, they can decrease costs, maximize their resources and improve customer satisfaction.




Puerto Rico Storage & Distribution, Inc. will evaluate inventory control, product movements - planned and unplanned shipment consolidation - LTL vs. TL, routing and delivery experience, local, regional or national and other areas deemed necessary to bring together a cohesive Logistics Strategy. We utilize and monitor up-to-date information on shipping procedures and apply this knowledge to improve your overall transportation experience and meet the requirements of your Logistics Strategy.



Value Added Services

We recognize that all businesses are different, so we offer flexibility in all of our services. We can customize a program to suit your particular requirements as they relate to warehousing, distribution, assembly or packaging.


  • Computer inventory control

  • Picking and Packing

  • Sorting and packing

  • Inspections and sampling

  • Product rework

  • Light assembly

  • Product distribution

  • Transportation scheduling

  • Material handling - Palletizing, Shrink wrapping, Stretch wrapping, Labeling/Relabel

  • Cross docking

  • Daily shipping by UPS, FED-EX, and all major and regional carriers

  • Railroad loading and unloading

  • Import-Export container loading/unloading

  • Freight consolidation

  • Return goods processing


Transportation Solutions

Puerto Rico Storage & Distribution, Inc. maintains its own fleet of tractors, vans, trailers, flatbeds, and air-ride equipment. Our centralized, computerized dispatch operations are staffed by seasoned logistics professionals ensuring that your materials are delivered safely, on-time, and in accordance with all traffic regulations.



Inventory Control

Cycle count responsibility. Responsible for the inventory controls in the warehouse. Audit all the transactions and movements and ensure compliance with all inventory control requirements. Counts and audits are also developed by PRSD, and at present we have total responsibility of the inventory integrity. Goal is 95% compliance system vs. physical; we are at 99% in compliance.



Household Goods

We are not a franchised operation; we address your needs with no middle-man involved. This allows for simple and efficient follow-through, with a personal touch! Our movers and drivers will take special care of your items, because we know how valuable they are to you. Our accident rate is significantly lower than our competitors. Rest assured, your items will be safe with us.




Plant moves and special projects require a specialization that is characteristic of Puerto Rico Storage & Distribution, Inc. Coordination, mobilization and supervision of large numbers of equipment is impossible without teamwork and the close proximity of our terminal network. Qualified and highly trained personnel are always nearby and have the time to help you plan and execute all details in your extraordinary project.

Para más información puede comunicarse a: info@prsd.com

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